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  • Discover the secrets to career success. In Career Moves, Dondi Scumaci helps you develop the mind-set, knowledge, and skills you need to face today’s challenges and workplace realities.

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    Ready, Set...Grow! is on shelves now and it's already become an incredible phenomenon. Learn how to recapture your dreams and passion and make it work for you.

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    International Performance Consultant and author Dondi Scumaci’s book “Designed for Success” is available at book stores around the nation.

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    At Training Evolution, our workshop leaders are experts at using a variety of learning approaches to create a positive change in your work environment. Each meaningful experience is expertly designed, allowing participants to feel comfortable with their new skills. Our approach is experiential and includes case studies, demonstrations and exercises created to assist with the alteration of behaviors. Self-reflection and practice is the key to each workshop. Personal action plans are incorporated into each session.

    Dondi Scumaci is an International Performance Consultant and author—an expert in leadership development, professional development, high performing teams, performance management, communication, sales, and world class service. Dondi Scumaci’s Bio

    Amy Morrisey has a unique facilitation skill that allows her to meet individual’s needs even in a group setting. She brings a theatrical flare and a sense of fun to every learning experience. Amy Morrisey’s Bio

    Andrew Nemiccolo is enthusiastic about helping individuals and teams develop to their full potential and improve results. He is an experienced trainer who writes and facilitates dynamic content. Andrew has coached hundreds of employees; individually and in teams. Areas of expertise include strategic business analysis, management skills and communication styles.

    A sales, marketing and project manager with proven results, Dawn McKenney-Maxwell has a 20-year career in the speaking and business training industry. Her experience has offered the opportunity to launch many new initiatives and train thousands of people in the United States, Canada and Australia. Dawn McKenney-Maxwell’s Bio

    Richard Stanley has extensive experience in the areas of leadership of small tactical teams, personal security, emotional survival in law enforcement, and counter-terrorism. Richard Stanley’s Bio