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  • Discover the secrets to career success. In Career Moves, Dondi Scumaci helps you develop the mind-set, knowledge, and skills you need to face today’s challenges and workplace realities.

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    Ready, Set...Grow! is on shelves now and it's already become an incredible phenomenon. Learn how to recapture your dreams and passion and make it work for you.

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    International Performance Consultant and author Dondi Scumaci’s book “Designed for Success” is available at book stores around the nation.

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    A mentoring process is an accelerated learning program designed for high performing employees who demonstrate potential, initiative and self–direction. This program represents a significant investment, with a goal to develop strong employees tied to an organization’s key objectives.

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    Mentoring in-a-Box

    Learn more about mentoring options by listening to the following podcasts and call 1-816-797-8468 to discuss your objectives with a TE team member.


    What’s Inside the box?

    Handbook: Learn what mentors do. This easy to follow guide will encompass the roles, responsibilities and recommendations for the most positive experience. Pre-work is included.

    Commitment: Develop ground rules up front. A mentoring agreement assures expectations are clear and participants will know what to expect each step of the way. You will find an operating commitment to be signed by both mentor and protégé.

    Rapport Builders: Pick a card. Rapport Cards offer relationship building opportunities. Activity Cards give specific tasks that move both partners forward and build common ground. Challenge Cards enable mentors and protégés the ability to push each other to the next level and get a stalled partnership on track again.

    Diagnostics: A long the way it is wise to check-in on your progress. Your kit will include a GAPS analysis tool. Goals, abilities, perceptions, and standards are reviewed. Questions are offered that create clarity.

    Process: Learn how to make the most of every meeting. Avoid common pitfalls and traps. Processes will be explained and tools given to work through any issue.

    Evaluation: A mentoring program evaluation is included.

    The set includes one mentoring box and one protégé box. Volume discounts are available. Please call 1-800-315-0845 to talk a Mentoring Specialist and to order your set. We accept Visa and Master Card and Paypal.

    Call Liz for more: 1-816-797-8468