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  • Accountability in the Workplace

    Accountability is not something you can “put on” someone. Certainly we can hold people accountable, but the first step in creating a culture of accountability is the personal decision to be accountable and model accountable behaviors.

    What is accountability, in all its forms?

    1. Accountability: Taking action consistent with your desired results.
    2. Organizational Accountability: A working environment where people can count on each other to keep commitments and agreements.
    3. Process of Personal Accountability: The ability, willingness and courage to renew our attitude and behavior, to achieve our desired results.
    4. Build personal commitment: There is an increasing amount of empowerment in the workplace. Accountability is the other side of that equation. One can only be as empowered as one is accountable.
    5. Build personal ownership: Issues management face are more complex today. One issue is an increasing sense of “entitlement” and lack of personal ownership. Learn how to curb this cycle.