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  • Discover the secrets to career success. In Career Moves, Dondi Scumaci helps you develop the mind-set, knowledge, and skills you need to face today’s challenges and workplace realities.

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    Ready, Set...Grow! is on shelves now and it's already become an incredible phenomenon. Learn how to recapture your dreams and passion and make it work for you.

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    International Performance Consultant and author Dondi Scumaci’s book “Designed for Success” is available at book stores around the nation.

  • Strategic Planning Workshop

    This engaging workshop encourages participants to “dig in” to their current plans, review them and begin planning strategically to achieve organizational objectives. Don’t get lost in the day-in and day-out duties of your team’s work. Learn a new way to get things done by writing an Action Plan, using SMART goals and then learn tools to help you follow through. Strategic Planning assesses and adjusts your team’s and organization’s direction in response to all kinds of change. Strategic Planning is a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide you with constant focus on the future. This course will allow participants to alter behavior immediately—paying off big down the road.