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  • Discover the secrets to career success. In Career Moves, Dondi Scumaci helps you develop the mind-set, knowledge, and skills you need to face today’s challenges and workplace realities.

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    Ready, Set...Grow! is on shelves now and it's already become an incredible phenomenon. Learn how to recapture your dreams and passion and make it work for you.

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    International Performance Consultant and author Dondi Scumaci’s book “Designed for Success” is available at book stores around the nation.

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    By Liz |

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    Let’s face it, fall is upon us. And that means that the busy holidays are coming fast. So why not tackle your next year’s training calendar before the snow flies.

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    Finding and Managing
    Your High-Performance Zone

    By Liz |

    HPZDevelop a personal plan of action to locate and leverage the four elements of high performance.

    Find your why.

    Manage your value.

    Develop an understanding of the four elements of the High-Performance Zone (HPZ) – Perspective, Leadership, Capabilities and Resources. Discuss the levels of value and understand the choices we make daily. Participants will determine what they can personally do to create more value and personal satisfaction. A case study works through a fascinating scenario. Participants will use the four elements to solve the problem, increase effectiveness and drive greater satisfaction.

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    Career Moves

    By Liz |

    Managing one’s career today is as important as managing one’s finances, or managing one’s relationships. Individual strategic career planning helps take advantage of the opportunities at hand. During this workshop, participants will take a look at best practices and walk away with the start of their own plan.

    Paths are personal things as unique and special as the people who travel them. How do you design a map of your own? You also need more than a map to make the journey rewarding and successful. How do you get real traction with your plan? What are the processes, tools and resources that make a plan real?

    Key Objectives:

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    Masterminding Contemporary Learning

    By Liz |

    Use valuable brainstorming strategies that help groups strengthen performance, and gain new insights. Guided by an expert, this discussion group will have a laser pointed on a specific need for your team. The “extra mind” in the room (from work by Hill), will assist group members to come to the best solutions for their individual needs and to work best within their work groups.

    This program may be designed to follow and reinforce existing programming. Take a current, key topic within your organization and intensify the focus. Management may choose the key needed objectives and your program can be built from that starting point. Masterminding Can:

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    Optimism Rules!

    By Liz |

    Develop personal optimism and positive expectancy.

    When you are called to change, equip yourself for the journey.

    Negativity in the workplace is an epidemic – it drains organizations of energy and possibility. Negativity impacts job satisfaction, attendance and productivity – it is the the silent expense. Break the cycle. Learn how negativity manifests itself in you and in your peers. Gain skills to diffuse negativity in yourself. Learn how specific reactions to negativity can make uncomfortable situations move to positive outcomes.

    This uplifting event not only serves as an engaging workshop, but allows participants to gain knowledge that is integral at this time in our work history. Dondi Scumaci will help analyze new information, and learn in a style of self discovery.

    The wellness connection: The mind-body-performance connection, known for centuries, is now science. Learn how physical health and emotional health build upon each other. More importantly, learn simple practical steps to put this connection into action.

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    The Power of Potential

    By Liz |

    Receive a pre-work assignment designed to build awareness about the opportunity and the “obligation” to recognize and draw out individual potential.

    Creating a sustainable shift is integral. Connect the action plan to business results. Use accepted business metrics to measure the progress. Make a new intentional way of doing business.

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    Innovation: Moving from Concept to Action

    By Liz |

    1. Increase receptivity.
    2. Encourage innovation.
    3. Confront the barriers to innovation.
    4. Learn how to bring innovative ideas to market.

    Using innovation success indicators, employees will have the opportunity to assess the “culture of innovation”. Balance Wheels will be used to identify next steps and personal action items. Learn to practice the “Law of Receptivity”. Accept your offers and advance the scene. Break though barriers and answer the questions, “How do I personally innovate?” “How important is my piece of the puzzle?”

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    Creating a Feedback-rich Environment

    By Liz |

    More InfoWhat does contemporary coaching look like within a thriving, fluid, organization? Get a snapshot of how smart organizations are benefiting by creating a culture of mentoring, coaching and feedback. What are the measurable benefits of a high level of engagement? When teams struggle with coaching, what are the clues and signs? Learn how to acknowledge, diagnose and begin to build the culture you desire.

    Learn to use feedback to connect to projected outcomes. Expectations are reinforced and desired behaviors are clearly stated. In an environment where people know where they stand, respect is commonplace. Address problems promptly and effectively. Nonperformance is not avoided. Change is valued.

    This energetic, interactive workshop will be tailored to address the specific needs of your organization. Each participant will be asked to begin the creation of an individual action plan that will further engage their department/employee base.

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    IMPROV 101

    By Liz |

    How is life and work like IMPROV?

    Life cannot be memorized - there is no script. Life is spontaneous - we must respond. We are always on stage. Life and work are filled with conflict. We must overcome obstacles to achieve our objectives. We don’t always know the objectives of the other players. We must keep our objectives in mind. If we trust ourselves, we are more effective. Life is supposed to be fun.

    Basic Improv Rules

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    Corporate Storytelling

    By Liz |

    More and more organizations are pushing enormous quantities of data daily. Teams and clients can get lost in a sea of numbers, never ending conference calls, meetings and endless conversations. Make your messages stick. Develop a vision and then manage to your objective. Translate tasks into purpose with ease, building interest and bridging communication gaps. In this experience, participants will use examples, meaningful experiences and exercises to develop their own work model. Never lose focus. Create your vision, craft the message and market your story to those you need to influence.

    Click the More Information button for a detailed course description.

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