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  • Succession Extension

    Executive/Managment Level

    As Executives and Management Teams plan for Succession, it is integral to have guidelines in place. These guidelines ensure the continuity of teams, divisions and organizations. Studies have indicated that most organizations do not have enough employees “tapped” and trained to replace the mid-line management needed within the next seven years. By understanding what is needed from the next generation within an organization, and then by using standardized guidelines, Executives and Managers can take the guesswork out of Succession Planning and make responsible and valid decisions for the future.

    This course is an excellent foundation to succession and what is needed to build successful transitions. An optional Succession Planning Guidebook & Tool Kit takes the training to the next level and does the foundational work for your organization. The kit includes worksheets, ideas and all the content needed to build your guidelines and set succession in motion.

    The following attributes are a necessity for succession planning to be effective:

    Communicate effectively: the ability to address and resolve conflict, confront effectively when necessary and promote one’s ideas are the keys to succession planning.

    Developing an understanding of how to plan and manage one’s career is integral to be prepared for the opportunities that are afforded through succession planning. Which ever side of the equation you are on, you must view your path responsibly, in an objective sense and search the best plan for you.

    Every person who is aligned to succeed within an organization should be able to:

    The 10 steps to Succession:

    1. Identify key leadership positions within your area of responsibility.
    2. Analyze each key position using the four managerial success profiles.
    3. Identify candidates and communicate possible opportunities.
    4. Identify who is interested.
    5. Assess competency readiness.
    6. Prepare development plans.
    7. Provide development opportunities.
    8. Establish evaluations for each employee.
    9. Ask the right questions.
    10. Create project management checklist to begin your succession planning process.

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