Comprehensive Training Choices

From group sessions for your management team and employee engagement to building mentoring communities, Training Evolution will be there. Our primary objective is to allow you to quickly make needed enhancements within your business environment.

Fresh Material

Tailored material is created specifically for your organization. At Training Evolution, we begin with a course outline and then listen to your teams’ specific issues and concerns. The message you desire will be placed front and center. This special tailoring will be reflected in the course workbook and activities, making your day the most targeted and effective possible.

Outstanding Management Programming is created for all executive levels. This curriculum is as varied as management teams, styles and cultures. We meet with your executives, speak their language, and understand their needs. Working towards your stated goals is our objective.

Content is designed to enable participants to immediately alter behavior, making positive changes now. From a keynote presentation to a full workshop series, each event offers opportunities to engage a practice. Every session is created with your end results in mind. Action plans are created and concepts solidified.

Formalized Mentoring Programming

Formalized mentoring takes succession planning and diversity engagement to the highest level. Training Evolution will guide your teams through the mentoring process. We will assist as you create partnerships, events to build rapport, meaningful experiences and measurables. Throughout all events, the Mentoring in-a-box tool and our Mentoring Thought Leaders add guidance and motivation.

Cultural Shifts

Beliefs drive behaviors. Training Evolution will help you recognize opportunities for cultural shifts. As new behaviors are taught (for example; mentoring), they have potential to become a natural part of an organization’s DNA. When these changes occur, wonderful opportunities open up for organizations to become stronger and more sustainable.

Results Driven Training

Measurability is key. Within each content module developed, Training Evolution will have the compass pointed toward measurables. Managers can measure success in a variety of ways and Training Evolution will work with you to develop measurement tools designed to chart your progress. In addition, organizations build teams with higher morale and consistency.

Exceptional, Seasoned Facilitators

Training Evolution’s Workshop Leaders are experts at using a variety of learning approaches. Each “meaningful experience” is designed, allowing participants to feel comfortable with new skills. Approaches are experiential and include case studies, demonstrations and exercises created to assist with the alteration of behaviors. Self-reflection exercises and opportunities to practice are built into each workshop.