Training Evolution will build an event specifically for your organization. You may offer a 4 or 6 hour workshop of your choice. At the close of the session, participants will receive an assignment designed to highlight their needs and allow them to engage their new skill sets. At your follow-up event (to be held within one month), participants will deliver a presentation, (with video) and fellow participants, guided by a Training Evolution facilitator, will offer feedback. Employees will have an opportunity to engage in valuable practice, while building a high performance team and a culture of feedback.

Workshop Objectives/Anticipated Results:

Give a presentation that makes sense, is organized and offers an opportunity for participants to become engaged and easily retain data. Use opportunities to present ideas to their fullest. Build presentations that highlight your organization’s strengths and fully relay your understanding of needed objectives. Specific theory will turn to practice as the group begins to create scenarios to mesh their styles with not only those they address, but with the information needed to be presented. Persuasion and internal communications will be a priority and as we learn more of your key objectives, the mission will become targeted.

Module I, Purpose

  • Develop a mission for your presentation
  • Define presentation objectives
  • Determine the impact you want to achieve

Module II, Plan

  • Identify the key elements and main points of your presentation
  • Organize you ideas
  • Profile your audience: Synchronize with every audience
  • Prepare a powerful opening
  • Techniques for making your presentation memorable

Module III, Deliver

  • Use high impact language
  • Manage the entire message: words, tone and vision
  • Build a presentation using persuasive language
  • Make your talk interactive and experiential
  • Strategies to increase retention

Module IV, Evaluate

  • Did you hit the target?
  • A checklist for evaluating your performance

Suggested Audience:

  • High-potential Employees
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Directors