Developing Positive Expectancy • Opportunities for Improvement at Work and at Home

There are ways to increase receptivity and confront barriers to innovation. The Training Evolution team will provide ways to move from concept to the fulfillment of new ideas, projects, experiences. What makes these transformations possible? Learn how to facilitate change in a difficult environment.

When things don’t work out - learn how to “stay in the game”. Manage your disappointment and don’t let it become who you are and how you see yourself. How you respond in the future is important – don’t push your chair back from the table, you must stay in the game – you may be moving from a loss to your next win. Make choices, reevaluate what happened. Learn, move on and refresh your ideas. Timing, the environment, organizational priorities shift and as you build your resiliency, you will more readily see the big picture. Learn how to take your power back after an idea does not resonate. Intentionally frame your thoughts as you move on to your next plan.

  • Learn from difficult experiences.
  • Determine the impetus of your emotions, at work and at home.
  • Understand the true impact of optimism on work satisfaction and productivity.
  • Take advantage of change.
  • Own critical communication skills that diffuse negative people and situations.
  • Know the difference between calm energy and tense energy.
  • Build calm energy into your self, your work team and work place.
  • Learn how to bring your fresh ideas to market.
  • Don’t let disappointment define you.

Suggested Audience:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leads
  • High-potential Employees
  • Administrative Staff
  • Interns
  • Newly hired Employees