We now have four generations participating in the current workplace. Each one is a cohort with life-defining, expectation-setting experiences. Integrating millennials into the workplace is challenging. This is not just about understanding this fact, it is about helping to guide your culture and strengthen your organization, securing a strong flourishing future.

Millennials are the new workforce majority – over 53 million strong. These are our future leaders and they want and need something different from the work experience. Much of the mystery around millennials can be solved by looking at workplace trends in the next 10 years. This workshop examines those trends and how millennials to a great degree will shape them.

  • Experience how different generations respond to opportunities and challenges in the workplace.
  • Find out how you may be unintentionally reinforcing negative stereotypes.
  • Find significant value in your leadership investment.
  • Manage a cross-generational team: interact to strengthen organizational results.
  • Learn to guide a motivated intergenerational team.
  • Increase loyalty by managing the different needs of the different generations.

Suggested Audience:

  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leads