Mentoring in-a-box, Intern Edition

Identify and transfer current competencies to the contemporary workplace.

The Mentoring in-a-box process is an accelerated learning program with a three month to six month long commitment. Participants ‘come to the table’ ready to demonstrate potential, initiative and self-direction. This program functions as an additional avenue to approach the highly competitive marketplace and more fully prepare Interns for transition. This program represents a valuable investment, with a goal to create strong future members of the global marketplace/community. The Mentoring in-a-box process adds further substance to diversity initiatives and builds community between your organization, the universities you team with, and between Interns.

Key Objectives

  • Equip Interns for success. Provide challenging and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Accelerate professional development.
  • Further grow global citizens, bridging gaps between organizations, cultures, generations and potentially continents.
  • Assist as Interns begin the process of interpreting their current strengths and translating them to the workplace.
  • Build a community of Interns, allowing them create additional bonds with other students.
  • Develop varied avenues of communication and assistance for students.
  • Exceed multi-generational workforce expectations.
  • Expand Mentors’ facilitation expertise.
  • Expand Mentors’ understanding of formal mentoring and the value of the mentoring process.
  • Build a culture of mentoring.
  • Sustain avenues to continue the Mentor/Intern relationship after the mentorship is complete.

Partnership Exercises

  1. Build your brand.
  2. Grow your network.
  3. Navigate the multigenerational workplace.
  4. Manage your presence.
  5. Connect what your are learning to the future you seek.

Best Practices, Virtual Calls / Mentoring Touch-Points

Mentors and Protégés often comment that the mentoring process is vague. They are unclear on what it is, what they are ‘supposed to do’ and whether or not they are progressing. Multiple engagements/calls during the process:

  1. Prepare Mentors and Interns for a successful mentoring experience.
  2. Provide tips and tools for getting the most out of mentoring.
  3. Jump start the mentoring relationship and lay the groundwork for productive interaction.
  4. Create a sharing mentoring community that builds connectivity.
  5. Develop an understanding of group needs. By listening to each group, Training Evolution can teach to the trends, isolating more tactical skills and making sure participants have what they need to succeed.

The Case for Formalized Mentoring

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity In Action
  • Knowledge Transfer

Many organizations around the world recognize the impact of mentoring on talent retention,
succession, performance, leadership development, career development, career transitions,
generational gaps, knowledge transfer and diversity.


  • Recognizes and rewards high performance and personal initiative.
  • Accelerates the development and releases the potential of high performers.
  • Develops essential leadership competencies – equips participants for success.
  • Provides challenging and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Broadens perspectives and professional networks.
  • Creates relationships outside the Protégé’s current circle of influence, strengthening individual branding and presence.
  • Allows Interns to create a confidential relationship, one that fosters trust and the ability to comfortably communicate, and share.
  • Adds real, enduring value to the university experience.

Mentoring with Support

Introduction for Mentors, Distance Learning
Mentors are introduced to the facilitative process that encourages Protégé growth. As formalized mentoring may be new to many Mentors, this one hour session allows them to formulate their plans and develop a deeper understanding of the communication process necessary for Protégé success.

Mentoring Kickoff, In-Person or Distance Learning
A Training Evolution Mentoring Thought Leader will introduce the mentoring experience, demonstrating the tools to create the diagnostic, coaching and process management pieces needed to empower partnerships. Mentors will receive guidelines they have always desired. Protégé’s will receive tools that allow them to take responsibility for their development and enhance the mentoring opportunity. Maximize the investment and learn best mentoring practices.

The Mentoring in-a-box Tool
Each participant will receive the Mentoring in-a-box, Intern Edition product containing the tools needed to complete a full mentoring plan. Mentoring in-a-box offers activities, rapport builders, diagnostic and process management tools to keep the communication Blowing and the measurables on track.

Community Calls
Beyond the preparatory calls, Interns and their Mentors are invited to participate in Bive calls addressing topics that all Interns can use to quickly ‘move the needle’ on growth. During each call a Mentoring Thought Leader will share best practices and offer and activity that correlates with the call topic.

Community Call Topics:

  • Individual Branding
  • Networking
  • Navigating a Multigenerational Workforce
  • Professional Presence
  • Skills Transfer