Individual Introspective Branding Packet • Make Your Plan • Measure Results

  • Market yourself with a consistent message.
  • Create a brand that gives you the “voice” you want.
  • Create a strategy to manage your identity.
  • Communicate your vision with intentionality.
  • Learn to recognize opportunities in real time to strengthen your brand.
  • Move beyond a “passive” presentation of self to a strategic and intentional presentation.
  • Realize how we unintentionally reinforce stereotypes.

Your brand can be a key. A strong, positive identity will throw open doors of opportunity and support. On the other hand, brands can lock you out of the very opportunities you seek.

They can invite low confidence, a lack of cooperation or even resistance. The challenge we face is marketing ourselves with a consistent message creating a brand that gives us a voice.

Unlock your branding barriers and get working on a strategy that works for you. Showcase your strengths and accomplishments. Communicate with intentionality. Analyze your brand. Set measurable goals for building your brand and identify three opportunities to manage your brand. A Training Evolution workshop facilitator will discuss individual branding strengths and how to achieve the brand that will create the positive reactions you desire. Build a strategy to break through.

Suggested Audience:

  • High-potential Employees
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Administrative Staff
  • Interns
  • Newly hired Employees

***This event may be tailored to address individual branding or team/organizational branding. Intact teams have benefited by addressing team branding, and connecting more fully to organizational objectives.