The Mentoring in-a-box Journey

Created by Dondi Scumaci

The Mentoring in-a-box process is an accelerated learning program with a six month to one year long commitment. Many participants chosen are considered high performing employees who demonstrate potential, initiative and self–direction. The program also functions as an accompaniment for new-hire orientation, as well as an avenue to approach highly specific individual developmental needs. This program represents a significant investment, with a goal to develop strong employees tied to an organization’s key objectives. The Mentoring in-a-box process adds further substance to succession planning and diversity initiatives.

The benefits to your organization, participants and the departments they represent are powerful. Through strategic, targeted development, talented individuals will emerge more prepared and equipped for the challenges and the opportunities of the future.

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Why Mentoring

Create Your Process

Perfect Partnerships

The Case for Formalized Mentoring

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity
  • Engagement

Many companies around the world recognize the impact of mentoring on talent retention, performance, leadership development, career development, career transitions, knowledge transfer and diversity.


  • Recognizes and rewards high performance and personal initiative. Organizations further identify, develop, test and retain leadership talent.
  • Accelerates the professional development and releases the potential of high performers.
  • Develops essential leadership competencies – equips participants for success. Provides challenging and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Broadens perspectives, knowledge of the business, and professional networks.
  • Creates relationships outside the Protégé’s own work group, strengthening intra-teaming communications and organizational agility.
  • Allows employees to create a confidential relationship within their organization, one that fosters trust and the ability to comfortably communicate outside their current management team.
  • Adds real, enduring value to an organization.

Mentoring with Support

The Mentoring Experience

Training Evolution will help you create, and maintain a Mentoring Community. To support your partnerships, you may choose as many (or few) of the following events to support your Mentoring Community. All events are offered virtually, and are one hour in length.

Protege Pre-work Events, Distance Learning
These two events are designed solely for Protégés as they begin their mentoring journey. Participants will receive a package of pre-work exercises designed to assist as they determine their mentoring objectives. They also receive mentoring “rules of the road”. At the conclusion of the events, Protégés will have developed full mentoring objectives with measurables.

Introduction for Mentors, Distance Learning
Mentors are introduced to the facilitative process that encourages Protégé growth. As formalized mentoring may be new to many Mentors, this one hour session allows them to formulate their plans and develop a deeper understanding of the communication process necessary for Protégé success.

Mentoring Kickoff, In-Person or Distance Learning
A Training Evolution Mentoring Specialist will introduce the mentoring experience, demonstrating the tools to create the diagnostic, coaching and process management pieces needed to empower partnerships. Mentors will receive guidelines they have always desired. Protégé’s will receive tools that allow them to take responsibility for their development and enhance the mentoring opportunity. Maximize the investment and learn best mentoring practices. If you should choose an onsite Mentoring Kickoff, the event will be 3 hours in length.

The Mentoring in-a-box Tool
Each participant will receive the Mentoring in-a-box product containing the tools needed to complete a six month mentoring plan. Mentoring in-a-box offers activities, rapport builders, diagnostic and process management tools to keep the communication flowing and the measurables on track.

Mid-mark Survey and Workshop Event, In-Person or Distance Learning
Mentors and Protégés will take a survey, determining successes and pinpoint remaining gaps. A workshop with results will be delivered to all partnerships. The Training Evolution mentoring specialist will address the mentoring competencies needed, drawn from the survey results.

Coaching Opportunities, Distance Learning
A block of time is set aside for partners or individuals to meet by phone with a Training Evolution Mentoring Specialist. Protégés and Mentors can discuss plans, strategies, successes and gaps. This one-on-one arrangement gives participants an additional voice outside the process, offering support and guidance.

Celebrate successes and look toward the future. Determine how participants can take their new skill and transfer it repeatedly within your organization.