Communicating in the Virtual Landscape: Creating Relationships & Meetings That Count

The ability to construct strong, communicative virtual relationships and meetings that work are important now more than ever. We are collaborating across boarders and boundaries around the globe and throughout organizations.

The exchange of value start here:

  • Become a trusted resource to your virtual partners.
  • When visuals aren’t available, know when to use verbal cues to ease tension and communicate engagement.
  • Be a connector. Look for the opportunities to make relevant introductions. Connect others to the resources they need to be more successful.
  • Learn to detect what people want and need to engage. Make those value exchanges intentional. 

Virtual necessities:

  • Learn how listening skills integrate with non-verbal cues making the most of your communications.
  • Manage your virtual brand. Virtual first impressions matter. Present yourself intentionality – this means thinking about how you ‘show up’ and how you present yourself. What do you want your visual partner to ‘see’ in you? How will you introduce yourself?
  • Listen for pace, tone animation and volume. Consciously be aware of your partner’s presentation of self.

Virtual meeting best practices:

  • Greet people and create an environment that not only gets the job done but allows for innovation and the sharing of ideas.
  • Construct a virtual hangout. In a traditional setting, we have common areas, gathering places. Virtual workgroups can innovate by creating an online meeting place.
  • Use all of your resources: cameras, chat features and slides.
  • Learn to value silence in a virtual, collaborative setting.
  • Transform your meeting agenda into an engagement tool. Give people what they need to come prepared. Think objectives versus agenda.
  • Build virtual meeting ‘rituals’ everyone can understand and enjoy.

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