Release the Potential of Yourself and Others Through Feedback

What does contemporary communication look like within a thriving, fluid, work environment? Get a snapshot of how smart teams are benefiting by creating a culture of mentoring, coaching and feedback. What are the measurable benefits of a high level of engagement? When teams struggle with coaching, what are the clues and signs? Learn how to acknowledge, diagnose and begin to build the culture you desire.

  • Create a dialogue that is open, honest and continuous.
  • Learn to use questions to facilitate self-discovery.
 Manage the whole message.
  • Understand and build on four elements, and where they meet: Leadership, Perspective, Capabilities, and Resources.

Developing Feedback

  • Realize a combination of formal and informal communication.
  • Learn to use questions to facilitate self-discovery.
  • Have conversations that are future focused.
  • Feedback is balanced and used to reinforce and redirect behaviors.
  • Continually talk about improvements. Create a culture of feedback.

Suggested Audience:

  • All Employees
  • Administrative Staff
  • Interns
  • Newly hired Employees
  • High-potential Employees