Empower • Grow

*You may pick one or more of the following modules.

  • Understanding Influence
  • Develop a portrait of influence.
  • Understand the elements of influence.
  • Diagnose low-influence situations. How can you influence with more than one boss?
  • Learn how to increase your influence, even without authority – overcome resistance.
  • Understand influence as an exchange of value.

Take an influence quiz and start learning. Most of us intuitively influence the people around us – perhaps without even realizing. We possibly have more influence than we may believe. Take the time in this course to look introspectively at your influence-ability. Create a course of action to assist you achieve your key objectives and long term goals. Career management and influence go hand in hand. Make the connection and reap the benefits.

Successful Communication: The Foundation

Identify Communication Skills • Building Communication Confidence

  • Understanding temperaments and types – strategically flex your communications.
  • Build trust and credibility.
  • Learn ways to lower defensiveness and increase cooperation.
  • Create a dialogue that is open, honest and continuous.
  • Learn to use questions to facilitate self‐discovery.
  • The Difficult Conversation: Deliver news that is difficult, using best practices to lessen anxiety, fear.
  • Create openings and opportunities to share positive data. Share successes.
  • Use every opportunity to build relationships.

Make your own journey and your teammates road smoother and more comfortable. Being a communications expert and engaging in solid, proactive communication techniques is a competency – one that can make any project measurably better. When a relationship is entered, an opportunity is open to build trust, eliminate misconceptions and reduce fear. By proactively drawing out expectations, and at times, using empathy to ease nerves, conflict can be minimized. If a foundation of trust has been built, when a difficult conversation has to occur or obstacle needs to be addressed, you can more positively confront the challenge. This event will empower participants – learning the skills to build a needed communication foundation.

Communicating with Diplomacy, Trust

Individual Branding

  • Market yourself with a consistent message.
  • Create the “voice” you want.
  • Create a strategy to manage your identity.
  • Communicate your vision with intentionality.
  • Learn to recognize opportunities in real time to strengthen the way you are perceived.
  • Realize how we unintentionally reinforce stereotypes.
  • Create a brand that commands positive attention and respect.
  • Review the cycle of change. How do you respond? How are you known to respond?

Unlock your individual barriers and get working on a strategy that works for you. Showcase your strengths and accomplishments. Communicate with intentionality. Analyze the way in which you are viewed. Set measurable goals for building your identity, and three opportunities to manage them. A Training Evolution facilitator will discuss individual strengths and how to achieve the positive reactions you desire. This class will be tailored to include options for building a brand where trust and presence are actualized and respect is understood. Developing a positive individual brand assists as you address internal and external clients and your immediate team.

This event, empowers participants with activities and opportunities for introspection. The audience will learn from proven content and be guided by facilitative techniques. Participants will learn to enhance their brand and in turn, the brand of the organization.

Excelling in Customer Service

  • Maintain customers.
  • Understand the internal vs. external client. Why do you need both?
  • Stay true to yourself and remain calm. Deal with the angry client. Forge a new relationship. Learn the Customer Service Pivot.
  • Anticipate client needs. Identify Expectations. Avoid miscommunications. Address them.
  • Use positive language every step of the way.
  • Keep morale high.

Creating a customer-based culture in today’s business environment is imperative to success. As we explore the impact on internal customer service, it becomes clear that there is a direct link between the quality care of clients and the positive relationships between teams. The improved communication between work partners makes for the most positive teams. This in turn, creates a workplace people want to stay. Learn concrete techniques to make customer service your focus.

Whether the conversation is by phone, email or in-person, you have an opportunity to create outstanding relationships with your clients. Make your own journey and your client’s road smoother and more comfortable by eliminating misconceptions and building trust. By learning the Values Approach, you can add value to each customer contact.

Suggested Audience:

  • Administrative Staff