Environment 20/20, Back to the Office

This 60 minute event, led by Dondi Scumaci allows you to plan for workplace reentry. Get smart, think clearly and make sure you are making yourself comfortable, allowing for collaboration and keeping your stress level down.

Manage your physical space.

  • What can you expect in the ‘new workplace’? What does it mean to make yourself comfortable and safe.
  • Set yourself up for maximum productivity as you maintain distance.
  • Identify your negotiable.

Manage your emotional space.

  • Learn to work easily with those that might be experiencing different reactions to our current national changes.
  • Learn to harness the ’emotional context.’
  • Navigate conflict with confidence.

Manage your head space.

  • Walk away with new options to manage your stress within the office.
  • Unpack the stress and tap into your resiliency.
  • Identify mission critical and create extreme focus around what really matters.


Join our popular public session and enjoy for $68


Purchase this event for your team • 90 Minutes • Up to 100 individuals • $1900