The Mentoring in-a-box Journey

The Mentoring in-a-box process is an accelerated learning program with a six month to one year long commitment. Many participants chosen are considered high performing employees who demonstrate potential, initiative and self–direction. The program also functions as an accompaniment for new-hire orientation, as well as an avenue to approach highly specific individual developmental needs. This program represents a significant investment, with a goal to develop strong employees tied to an organization’s key objectives. The Mentoring in-a-box process adds further substance to succession planning and diversity initiatives.

The benefits to your organization, participants and the departments they represent are powerful. Through strategic, targeted development, talented individuals will emerge more prepared and equipped for the challenges and the opportunities of the future.

Mentoring with Support

Introduction for Mentors, Distance Learning
Mentors are introduced to the facilitative process that encourages Protégé growth. As formalized mentoring may be new to many Mentors, this one hour session allows them to formulate their plans and develop a deeper understanding of the communication process necessary for Protégé success.

Mentoring Kickoff, In-Person or Distance Learning
A Training Evolution Mentoring Thought Leader will introduce the mentoring experience, demonstrating the tools to create the diagnostic, coaching and process management pieces needed to empower partnerships. Mentors will receive guidelines they have always desired. Protégés will receive tools that allow them to take responsibility for their development and enhance the mentoring opportunity. Maximize the investment and learn best mentoring practices.

The Mentoring in-a-box Tool
Each participant will receive the Mentoring in-a-box product containing the tools needed to complete a full mentoring plan. Mentoring in-a-box offers activities, rapport builders, diagnostic and process management tools to keep the communication flowing and the measurables on track.

Community Calls
Beyond the preparatory calls, Protégés and their Mentors are invited to participate in five calls addressing topics that all Interns can use to quickly ‘move the needle’ on growth. During each call a Mentoring Thought Leader will share best practices and offer and activity that correlates with the call topic.

Community Call Topics:

  • Individual Branding
  • Networking
  • Navigating a Multi-generational Workforce
  • Professional Presence
  • Skills Transfer