Get Conscious About Unconscious Bias

Build Robust Teams • Create Thoughtful Integration

  • Increase awareness of unconscious bias.
  • Understand the origins of unconscious bias and come to realize that we all carry it.
  • Assess your environment for unconscious bias and it’s ramifications.
  • Make organizational migration smarter by understanding currently unexplored opportunities.
  • De-escalate tensions and decrease defensiveness.
  • Determine specific steps in the communication process that can reveal and then release bias.

Simply an understanding of unconscious bias, and how we come to think the way we do, opens opportunities to change dynamics and create a more robust workforce. With this awareness, teams strengthen, morale increases and organizational migration becomes smarter. The understanding of one’s actions due to unconscious bias can offer thinking individuals opportunities to shift environments and manage plans in a more equatable way.

This event helps leaders reveal choices they may not have thought of previously. As barriers deteriorate, opportunities expand: and your organization gains strength. This event is not just a sociology lesson. This course will assist participants obtain skills designed to overcome unconscious bias and strengthen their teams.

3 Hours