How is life and work like IMPROV?

Life cannot be memorized - there is no script. Life is spontaneous - we must respond. We are always on stage. Life and work are filled with conflict. We must overcome obstacles to achieve our objectives. We don’t always know the objectives of the other players. We must keep our objectives in mind. If we trust ourselves, we are more effective. Life is supposed to be fun.

Basic Improv Rules

  • Keep your objective in mind at all times.
  • Everything you say or do must be directed toward accomplishing your goal.
  • You can change your approach, but you cannot change your objective.
  • Focus on the other actors, not the audience.
  • Once you receive your objective, don’t ask for further elaboration-make up any details you need.
  • Keep trying to reach your objective until you are instructed to stop.
  • Respond naturally to the situation-try not to stereotype or play a “role”.

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