Optimism Rules!

Develop personal optimism and positive expectancy.

  • Understand the true impact of optimism on work satisfaction and productivity.
  • Understand reactionary patters in others. Figure out how to best coach and lead people through difficult situations, changes and challenges. Learn how to respond to negativity in others.
  • Own critical communication skills that diffuse negative people and situations.
  • Know the difference between calm energy and tense energy.
  • Build calm energy into your self, your work team and your work place.

When you are called to change, equip yourself for the journey.

Negativity in the workplace is an epidemic – it drains organizations of energy and possibility. Negativity impacts job satisfaction, attendance and productivity – it is the the silent expense. Break the cycle. Learn how negativity manifests itself in you and in your peers. Gain skills to diffuse negativity in yourself. Learn how specific reactions to negativity can make uncomfortable situations move to positive outcomes.

This uplifting event not only serves as an engaging workshop, but allows participants to gain knowledge that is integral at this time in our work history. Dondi Scumaci will help analyze new information, and learn in a style of self discovery.

The wellness connection: The mind-body-performance connection, known for centuries, is now science. Learn how physical health and emotional health build upon each other. More importantly, learn simple practical steps to put this connection into action.

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